The Danube - majestic river at the heart of Europe - Bedrich Schreiber & Ján Lacika

The Danube - majestic river at the heart of Europe

By Bedrich Schreiber & Ján Lacika

  • Release Date: 2013-03-04
  • Genre: Europe
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The Danube may justifiably lay claim to the title of Europe’s most majestic river. It flows through ten countries on its long journey from Schwarzwald (the Black Forest) down to the Black Sea. Slovaks, too, regard this river as their own although it only, as it were, brushes up against Slovakia. However, the river is of major importance to this small country at the heart of Europe, as it collects water from almost the whole of its territory. The Váh, the longest river in Slovakia, the Morava, Nitra, Hron and Ipeľ feed the waters of the Danube on its long journey. The Slovak capital Bratislava is situated on the banks of the river and the great river is one of the important means of communication with both Western and Eastern Europe. Settle down for a spectacular virtual cruise downstream along the Slovak stretch of this European river in the pages of this book.